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Booking regular grooming appointments for your dog doesn’t just keep him pretty, it keeps him healthy and happy. Here are five benefits of professional dog grooming:

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5 Benefits of Services

Our Affordable Rates

Grooming Prices

Basic Puppy

$ 75
(Big dogs $128)
  • Trim eye area, sanitary area & pawpads
  • Ear cleaning & plucking
  • Gentle bathing
  • Fluff out drying
  • Bandana or bow
  • Natural cologne

Full Grooming

$ 85
(Big dogs $150)
  • Basic Haircut (Not Stylist Professional Haircut)
  • Trim eye area, sanitary area & pawpads
  • Nail clipping & filing ( Value $ 15.00 )
  • Ear cleaning & plucking
  • Expression of the anal glands
  • Gentle bathing
  • Bandana or bow
  • Fluff out drying
  • Natural Cologne

Supreme Puppy

$ 120
(Big dogs $160)
  • Teeth brushing
  • Stylist Professional Haircut
  • Gentle Bathing (Medicated Shampoo & Conditioner)
  • Smoothing massage
  • Natural cologne or perfume
  • Trim eye area, sanitary area & pawpads
  • Nail clipping & filing ( Value $15.00 )
  • Ear cleaning & plucking
  • Expression of the anal glands
  • Fluff out drying
  • Bandana or bow

Doggies Bath


$ 70


$ 80


$ 105


$ 130

Cats Prices

Short Hair Bath

$ 90

Long Hair Bath

$ 120

Short Hair Bath & Cut

$ 150

Long Hair Bath & Cut

$ 170

*Prices could change depending on the pet condition.

Pet Dental Non-Anesthetic

Here at Miami’s Pet Dental, we care about your pet’s teeth. With 20+ years of experience, you can be sure your pet will get the dental care it needs. The condition of your pet’s overall oral health is very important for your pet’s quality of life.

You can avoid many problems that can occur in your pet’s mouth with getting good deep cleaning at least once a year, and we make it very affordable compared to what a Veterinary office charges.

A Non-Anesthetic dental is a great way to clean your pet’s mouth vs the traditional anesthetic dental. You don’t have all the worries of your pet going under anesthesia, and all the risks that come with it.

Dental Procedura

$ 150-250
Prices are estimated between
  • The Non - Anesthetic dental includes a deep cleaning and Polishing in the teeth for the gums
  • No Anesthesia Needed!
  • The swaddling technique is a technique that it's used to accomplish the dental cleaning
  • Removal of plaque and tartar (Calculus) build-up
  • Polish to smooth enamel scratches
  • Will remove the bacteria under the gums
  • The Non- Anesthetic Pet Dental is gentle and less stressful for your dog

Pet Dental Benefits

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